“Success consists of a series of little daily victories.”





Good Morning Bay Area!

May 2013 has taught me some very important life lessons. I had the month to wrap up training and work and life in general before taking my maternity leave and it was a race to the finish line! I was half hoping the little one would be a little late because I had so much to do, and yet I was so filled with anticipation and anxiety to meet this new little one that I wanted him to make an appearance “RIGHT THIS SECOND!”

I never would have considered myself an “impatient” person before this past year. I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the practicalities of life, routine, schedule and what is and what is not in my control. I see now that I was wrong.  I learned that I will never stop worrying or caring how my clients are doing in their lives, that I am never truly “done” with work and ready to relax, and that as much as I think that I can seamlessly integrate my work, home, social, and now parenting life together without too many hiccups; well, I now must cede control over some unexpected false expectations and assumptions that I didn’t know I had.

Working as a personal trainer and owning my own business has been a source of joy and challenge in these past few years. I can absolutely say that I LOVE my job, and even in the days when I worked 10-12 hours or I woke up at 3:45am to train my early birds, I’ve loved the interactions, the challenge, and the connection to the human journey towards whole-body health, fitness, and wellness. It may take a village to raise a child, but I had a village of amazing support and excitement surrounding this pregnancy. I was able to put into practice all the knowledge I had “learned” on how to sustain a healthy and nutritious pregnancy food practice without becoming too neurotic or stingy. I learned how the body responds to the hormonal and anatomy changes as the muscles, tendons, and bones shift and change with its developing cargo. It was never easy, and I certainly called upon my fellow trainers and clients for questions, help, and support, but what a gift to have such reinforcements!

All in all, I have to say that my biggest lesson (despite being patient with impatience..work in progress!) has been to re-focus on gratitude. Gratitude for a healthy body. Gratitude for a treasure trove of family, friends, and clients. I have such gratitude for all who have gone through this experience in body or not because some of the best advice in this past year of life lessons have been from some “non-parents” who remind me to keep my perspective and attitude open and instinctive. I have such gratitude for a business that has allowed me to take the next weeks off to meet this new being that is about to become the integral joy in my family’s life, and for the immense beauty and wondrous patchwork of people that truly and madly put the color into my world. To all of you, “Thank you” cannot express how much I adore you.

Happy Friday, Happy weekend, and while I may be skipping the gym this weekend, I will soon be back at the gym, and happy and ready to skip, hop, and burpee my way to the new and improved me! Stay focused on your goals, make sure to get outside, and when you need a boost; email me to get started on your wellness journey! This will be a summer to grow (in mind and body), get lean and strong, and to ultimately get closer to the healthiest versions of ourselves yet!




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